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My oWn saddle

My oWn saddle

The Company name My oWn saddle refers to "personal /only mine" or personalized to me. Idea has it's roots in old western movies, 

when cowboys owned and used their own saddles when riding their horses.

My background; I have been raised in the family of entrepreneurship and have witnessed the joys and hardships of the daily business. 

My whole working experience comes from working among different products and customers. 

Last 10 years I have had a pleasure to work 

in an exclusive position of corporate retail world responsible 

for customer service and staff functions.

My passion and love is making by doing. Horses, beautiful jewellery, accessories and clothes have been a major part of me along my life path. 

And in this special moment of my life, I got an opportunity to make my dream come through and establish my own business. 

Thus I´m now able to share My oWn saddle with you and the world!

Jewellery, accessories and clothes are mainly always personal choices. We purchase these products and things to ourselves or 

as gifts and for purpose or for joy and they are loved and cherished by us.

My oWn saddle's mission is to design, develop and sell products that are usable from year to year. For example 

a classic dress pattern proven excellent remains in collection, only colors and materials may change depending on season and need.

The purpose is to keep our core collection in production and available as long as possible. 

There will also be some products that are for limited edition only.

Nature and sustainability are close to our hearts, thus we aim to use as much natural materials in our products as possible. 

More details are found from our materials-info pages.

Warmly welcome to explore our products  :)

Pia A.

My oWn saddle