My oWn saddle

All our own production My oWn saddle jewellery are handmade at the moment in Finland.

We use in our jewellery stainless steel (304) and implant grade stainless steel (316), which both are best endured and tolerated jewellery metals.

We utilize as much natural materials as possible like; freshwater pearls, stones, shells, nuts, wood and Finnish reindeer skin. In addition to that we use in our jewelry allergic friendly metal pearls.

All parts are inspected and for instance metal parts are nickel tested and nickel release is measured according to EU directive 94/27/EC, which imposes limits on the amount of nickel release from jewellery intended to come in to direct or prolonged contact with skin.

Please note that despite nickel-free, lead-free and potassium-free metals, some people might still get some allergic reactions that we are not responsible for. All our jewellery parts fulfill the industry required standards as well as our suppliers' compliance and actions are checked.

Other jewelry

We also widen our selection by purchasing other jewellery items globally, from EU / Europe, America as well as from Asia. Although these items are purchased from reliable and well-known partners, we do in any case regularly some random sample tests to arriving lots (eg. nickel release tests) .


My oWn saddle

All our own production clothes and accessories are manufactured at the moment in Finland and Estonia. Almost all our products are labelled MADE in EU, as same product can be manufactured in two different locations. Part of the products are made in small dressmaker studios or by individual dressmakers. All our business partners in Finland and Estonia are high-quality professionals fulfilling all our general and quality standards.

We aim to use as much natural materials as possible like cotton and linen fabrics, as they are very airy and comfortable as materials. We also utilize fabrics mixed with artificial fibres to give them more durability, shape and strength.

Although none of our products are made forever, we invest in high quality to ensure that our products can be used and washed over and over again and not only once.

We choose our fabrics very carefully, and currently we receive very high quality fabrics for instance from Italy.

Other clothes / accessories

We also purchase globally other clothes / accessories suitable for our collection. Main supplier deliveries are within EU and from Asia. In those countries we have reliable 3rd party partners to ensuring that our standards are met.

Care labelling and washing instructions

All care and washing instructions must be followed. Please note that even though all of our fabrics are prewashed, some natural materials may shrink when washed for the first time. To guarantee the best possible washing results, we encourage you to wash our clothes inside out and by hand wash program.